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The strength of the MF Separator lies in the optimum removal of solid and liquid micropollutants from aqueous liquids.

Countless air bubbles with a microscopically small diameter are generated continuously in the MF Separator. The individual bubbles cannot be seen with the naked eye, and the only visual effect is a turbidity of the liquid.

These tiny bubbles rise to the surface only very slowly and so sufficient time remains for the adhesion of micropollutants, whose size can be considerably smaller than 1 µm.

The large number and homogeneous distribution of the air bubbles in the MF Separator causes the air bubbles to come into contact with all of the pollutants.

Not to be forgotten: The inclusion of microscopically small air bubbles between the liquid molecules causes enormous aeration of the liquid - and that happens completely in addition, as an added bonus!

The adhesion of the contaminants to the air bubbles forms a pollutant-air agglomerate that rises to the surface where it forms a microporous foam.

The foam flows into the decanter of the MF Separator in order to separate solids and tramp oil. The original liquid that this liberates is automatically recycled to the cleaning process.

  Typ: MF 500
  Performance: 600 l/h
  Height 1200 mm
  Length 1200 mm
  Width 470 mm
  Weight 160 kg
Special sizes and regenerator units on request.
We reserve the right to make modifications.