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IAG High Performance Separator for
- coolants
- cleaning solutions
- aqueous solutions


MO Series
- mobile
- compact
- effective
- safe


Technical Details


The mobile regenerator can be used anywhere where there is a requirement to clean and de-oil aqueous media or remove tramp oil and solids from emulsions. The mobile unit services the relevant machines and containers in sequence.
No specially trained operatives are required. The unit is self-monitoring and so is able to work unsupervised around the clock.



- Removes floating or mixed tramp oils and solids from water, solutions or emulsions.
- Combination of various separation processes guarantees maximum effectiveness.
- Cleaning during ongoing production - no machine downtimes.
- Simple operation.
- Automatic operation with self-monitoring.
- System uses no filters. No additional special waste.
- Compact dimensions and high mobility.
- Low maintenance and wear. No moving parts except for a robust extractor pump. 
- Corrosion-proof.

Regeneration of water-mixed coolants

In machine tools, water-mixed coolants are contaminated by slide-way oil, hydraulic oil and gearbox oil, etc. These tramp oils should not be in the emulsion. They lead to a considerable reduction of the efficiency of the coolant and intensive bacterial growth. If the tramp oils develop to an extent that they form a film completely covering the coolant surface, and so preventing contact with oxygen from the air, the germ population in the emulsion expands enormously. Bacteria, yeast and fungi create skin problems for the machine operators. Rust forms in narrow crevices in the machine, and blockages in the cooling pipes exacerbate the undesirable consequences.

The MO Series mobile separators are ideally suited to the regeneration of water-mixed coolants. Their compact construction and outstanding mobility make the units ideally suited for use on individually filled machine tools and machining centres. The coolants used in this machinery are cleared of mixed or floating tramp oil and solids on a revolving basis.
The IAG High Performance Separator
- removes floating or mixed tramp oil from the coolant - even when this is dispersed throughout the emulsion in minute droplets;
- separates out other unwanted solids;
- subjects the coolant to very gentle handling (no centrifuging);
- separates off only unwanted solids, integral constituents of the emulsion are not removed.

YOUR ADVANTAGES of using the mobile IAG High Performance Separator:
- Much longer use of the emulsions.
- Lower waste disposal costs.
- Lower coolant costs.
- No machine downtimes.
- Longer intervals between cleaning of the coolant tanks.
- Healthier working conditions.
- Reduction of bacterial and fungal growth.
- Reduction of the risk of infection and odour formation.
- Avoidance of hazardous oil fumes during chip removal.
- Prevention of a tramp oil film cover on the coolant.
- Permanent contact of the coolant with the oxygen in the air.
- Prevention of rust in narrow crevices in the machine and tools.
- Maintenance of clear passageways in the coolant pipes and ducts.
- Maintenance of the efficiency of the coolant.
- Longer tool life.
- Removal of floating or sinking solids.

The extractor float of the mobile separator is laid on the fluid to be cleaned and connected to the unit´s extractor hose by means of a rapid hose coupling.

The top layer of the fluid is then extracted by the separator through the float. The contaminant solids are separated from the fluid with a high degree of efficiency in the multi-stage separator.

The separated tramp oil and light solids flow into a holding tank. Heavy solid particles collect as sludge in the bottom of the separator at an outflow point.

The cleaned fluid flows back to the machine.

Various Floats
The quality of the float is the key to the entire 
separation system. 
Our practically tested extractor floats are at the 
forefront of developments. 


Additional extractor floats, 
permanently fitted and connected via a rapid hose coupling. 

of the medium by means of an integral compact diaphragm compressor. 

Fine filter
with VA cartridge and transparent filter can. 




The mobile version of the separator is available in the following sizes: 


MO 600 MO 800

Cleaning performance (l/h) 600 800
Height (mm) 1200 1200
Length (mm) 900 1000
Width (mm) 400 400
Weight (kg) 85 95

Special sizes and regenerator units on request. We reserve the right to make modifications

Technical Details

Technical Details